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Experience. Vision.

The SharkBait Ventures team has extensive experience in startup and product development, including launches in the medical, health & wellness, sports & fitness, and consumer sectors. Our vision is to build a future generation of successful inventors, through education, guidance, resources and support throughout the entrepreneurs product development journey.


What we offer

Whether your idea is still in your head or sketched on a napkin, we can assist you in making the right decisions, the most cost-effective decisions. Based on your desired budget, speed, and vision, we provide a proprietary computer software application to help you make the best self-guided steps to move your idea through design,  engineering, prototyping, and pre-manufacturing. In this way, we help our clients assess, plan and manage their businesses.


Why us?

Our team learned often the hard way the many challenges of taking a product from an idea to the market. We wish we had known a trusted partner to help us navigate the decision points, and all the different service providers when we were getting started. Unfortunately, not all vendors are sensitive to the unique needs and resource limitations of entrepreneurs. So, we decided to build our own team and network of startup-friendly vendors to help early founders avoid the pitfalls we faced. Our motto is "Do as i say, not as I DID." We welcome you to call and explore our services, without the need to disclose any sensitive materials.


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